Activated nuts – the only way to be Totally Nuts!

Quality nuts are an important part of a healthy diet, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, paleo, whole foods or ketogenic. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and good quality fats, they are a delicious and nutritious healthy snack for everyone. But, unless they are activated nuts, your body will be unable to access all of their nutrients.

Our careful activation process – soaking in filtered water with Himalayan Crystal Salt then dehydrating at low temperatures – effects natural changes in the nuts similar to germination, making all of their nutrients available to your system, as well as making them more delicious than ever!

Forget about synthetically made protein shakes – a snack of organic activated nuts will give you an energy boost and keep you going in your active life – but totally naturally. Also use them as a basis for making food recipes such as nut meals like you’d never imagine, in salads, in a granola with your yoghurt for breakfast, or to make the most delicious snacks.

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Our Activation Process

Raw nuts are one of nature´s finest high protein foods. But in order to be truly functional as a superfood, they need some gentle treatment to make them digestible.

  • Soaking
    Starts the germination process helping to break down the phytic acid & enzyme inhibitors.

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt
    Increases the nutrient level by producing beneficial enzymes, especially B vitamins.

  • Dehydrating
    Makes the nuts surprisingly light & tasty, as well as prevents mould prolonging the shelf life.

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